This Obama mishegoss

People of the Left, I’m home sick so I’ll make this brief. Show some self-respect. The President said as little as possible about supporting same-sex marriage — and how much would he have said had the Vice President not spoken first? — and look how it’s gotten your juices going. Forget this not: everything is… Continue reading This Obama mishegoss

Why so quiet? TransparencyCamp 2012

I’ve not been blogging lately because I work for the Sunlight Foundation — these words are my own — and we just hosted our big in-person event, TransparencyCamp 2012. (When I make comments about Unitarian Universalist events, I do so honestly.) The camp has been getting some major press; indeed, I hear that several of… Continue reading Why so quiet? TransparencyCamp 2012

The new national weight loss plan

Over the years, I’ve tried to lose weight and am fully aware of what works for me (eating high-fiber, low-fat vegetarian food; counting and recording calories) and what doesn’t (everything else). My reasons for trying to lose weight, however, have changed. The vain reasons of youth have become the health-preservation demands of middle age. Why,… Continue reading The new national weight loss plan

Today’s visit to the Occupy DC encampment

After going to D.C.’s commercial market for discounted produce, I dropped by the Occupy DC (or is it OccupyDC?) to drop off some onions and check out the vibe. It’s much larger and matured than last Saturday, when I tried to attend a march and rally with friend, Unitarian Universalist minister and new blogger Peter… Continue reading Today’s visit to the Occupy DC encampment

The death of Gaddafi

I was a small baby when Muammar al-Gaddafi came to power, but since then — with a few poignant exceptions — the United States has been more conscious of how his name was tortuously spelled, rather than how he controlled and tortured his people. Certainly the Libyan people know. Let me share a thought that… Continue reading The death of Gaddafi

Why preaching garb?

A sideways answer from the President of the German Constitutional Court, Andreas Vosskuhle, from the current episode (in English) of Deutsche Welle’s People and Politics Speaking of the robes particular to the Constitutional Court, starting at 1:09: It takes a while [to put it on] and you feel different when you’re wearing it. You feel… Continue reading Why preaching garb?

Churches and electoral activity

It’s hypocritical to denounce right-wing churches for their overt support of a political candidate, while churches we like make a more subtle or cheeky endorsement of a candidate, innocent, intentional or not. I bring this up because Unitarian Universalist minister, Prairie Star district staffer and blogger Phil Lund (Phil’s Little Blog on the Prairie) considered… Continue reading Churches and electoral activity