New ethical certification for kosher food

Religious life and ethical consumption are two of my interests. Non-Jews might miss growing story in the Jewish and secular press, so I want to mention Hekhsher Tzedek, a new kosher certification that includes the ethics of production in parallel with religious regulation. (For news about it, it’s easier to follow Rabbi Morris Allen’s blog.)… Continue reading New ethical certification for kosher food

St. Nicholas was good

Ms. Theologian noted a story about an Oregon Washington man who put up a Santa crucifix in his yard, to protest the commercialization of Christmas. Great idea. But rather than getting het up about Jesus getting left out, I feel for St. Nicholas, who has become a shill for shopping and saturated fat. The real… Continue reading St. Nicholas was good

Glossary: subsidiarity

Back about a year ago when I was without a Day Job, I twice interviewed with a Catholic political lobby; there I learned the concept of subsidiarity. I’ll recycle the current Wikipedia article‘s content, since it wraps up the idea pretty well. the principle which states that matters ought to be handled by the smallest… Continue reading Glossary: subsidiarity

Ending blasphemy

The case of Gillian Gibbons — the “Sudan teddy bear teacher” — makes me sick, but I’m a little disturbed how the law is given a pass in the editorial pages, focusing instead on Gibbons’s misunderstanding, naiveity or somesuch. I don’t have much hope in the Sudanese legal system, it being a failed state. But… Continue reading Ending blasphemy

The ethical laptop

Ms. Theologian (Surviving the Workday) and I will be team blogging over the next little while about getting an ethical laptop. We each have our own needs — size, operating system — and comfort points, but I think we’re agreed that it should be ethically produced. In particular — correct me if I’m misrepresenting —… Continue reading The ethical laptop

Top five articles for May

Few surprises that these were the most read articles in May for Boy in the Bands. “Where is Meadville Lombard going?” Like other–perhaps all–Unitarian Universalist ministers, I got an email from the Rev. Lee Barker, the president of Meadville Lombard Theological School . . . . “Buying US-made clothing, so far“. Ms. Theologian is talking… Continue reading Top five articles for May