A step closer to global peer-to-peer help

Every day, central authorities loose a little more power. Whether their power was delegated or co-opted, we needed them to make decisions because there was no way to organize mass, non-local movements on a peer basis. Every day, technological improvements and personal attitudes lower the barrier to peer-to-peer information sharing, product production, collective action and… Continue reading A step closer to global peer-to-peer help

Torture by the book

I said it before: nobody keeps the spotlight on torture like Andrew Sullivan. It might be our nation’s greatest moral crisis, but where’s the outcry? We free people can’t claim we’re held and gagged. Go read it; I’ll be here when you’re done. Reading today’s contribution left me a bit agitated and clammy, but not… Continue reading Torture by the book

Eating on $21 a week?

Four U.S. Representatives — three Democrats and a Republican — are spending the week eating on $21 in groceries because that’s the average benefit of someone living on food stamps. They’re blogging their experience, and the comments are getting very interesting. I won’t be cynical and say the effort is a political ploy; perhaps, rather,… Continue reading Eating on $21 a week?

Better than scrapping: giving computers to students

According to the Wise County Messenger, (“Students May Get Recycled Computers,” by Brian Knox, 13 May 2007) the Northwest Independent School District northwest of Fort Worth, Texas may give five-year-old computers scheduled for replacement to students without computers at home. The hard drives will be wiped and a version of Linux will be installed on… Continue reading Better than scrapping: giving computers to students

Things to consider when you’re shopping ethically

When I go shopping — whether its for lentils or a vacation — a string of self-reflective questions run through my mind. (Was I Quaker in a past life? I doubt my Puritan ancestors would have approved. The Baptist ones might have coped.) Do I need this? can I put off buying this? Do I… Continue reading Things to consider when you’re shopping ethically

Without buying from China

Ms. Theologian at Surviving the Workday describes and defends her and husband’s “No China Diet” — which extends far past food and into every corner of commercial life. I think they’re right and don’t underestimate the difficulty such a discipline takes. A generation ago imports from the PRC were new, now they’re endemic. Of course,… Continue reading Without buying from China

Ten more greener office tips

Here are some more. Don’t provide disposable lunch ware. Replace bottled water coolers with a water filter (and chiller). Push regional and national organizations (UUA districts, UCC conferences) to offer high-quality real time media of important events, to cut out unnecessary travel. Ask staffers to turn off inessential computers at the end of the work… Continue reading Ten more greener office tips

Greening church administration, your office

Ms. Kitty (Ms. Kitty’s Salon and Road Show) and Mama G (Mom to the Left) have each spelled out green actions they or their church have or will make. I thought I would join in, thinking of particular was church offices — and perhaps your non-church workplace — can make green improvements. I have actually… Continue reading Greening church administration, your office