I love my “clean” union-made, USA-made blue jeans

Did you see the recent episode of Independent Lens entitled “China Blue” on PBS? It is the undercover story of real Chinese garment workers who make blue jeans for the American and other markets. The workers make pennies to make our clothing while their bosses, the distributors and the marketers grow rich. Paid $100 for… Continue reading I love my “clean” union-made, USA-made blue jeans

I heart Reverend Billy . . .

and the Church of Stop Shopping. I’ve been following him/them for quite a while. Love the look. (UUEnforcer, are you taking notes?) Love the message. Love the music. Here’s a movement I could believe in. Heck, I’d show up on Sunday. And it looks like Reverend Billy is on tour. Remember: Shopping keeps the demons… Continue reading I heart Reverend Billy . . .

NYT: making palms greener, fairer

A little story in today’s New York Times about farmers in the Chiapas state of Mexico who grow, select and process palm fronds for U.S. churches who use them on Palm Sunday. These “eco-palms” keep the forests in better shape and because the farmers add value in improved quality and packaging, make a better income.… Continue reading NYT: making palms greener, fairer

Celiac disease and Communion

I cannot believe that after nearly four years of blogging I have not written about celiac (coeliac) disease (and other gluten-intolerance diseases) with respect to Communion. (Perhaps I did; several of my early posts were completely destroyed by Internet worms.) Hubby and I talked about this last Saturday over sandwiches and some yummy chickpea-flour crisps,… Continue reading Celiac disease and Communion

Something other than the $100 laptop

The $100 per child laptop, now formally (but inconsistently) known as the Children’s Machine, is verging towards US$150 delivery price and the name — well, it reminds me of an ill-fated crusade centuries ago. News has it that people in the wealthy West can buy one of these computers — originally forbidden — provided the… Continue reading Something other than the $100 laptop

“And service is our prayer”

I was tickled when my spell-checker tried to make Grameen into sacrament. Grameen, of course, refers to the famous microfinance entity (and by extension, it values) that has made it possible for some of the world’s poorest people to create businesses, and with them an income, security and dignity. These entities — there are several,… Continue reading “And service is our prayer”

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