4-star Service Committee

I got a solicitation letter from the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) today. I’m normally sour about solicitation letters and the UUSC hasn’t been so hot in recent years, having a weird-ambiguous relationship with congregational Unitarian Universalism and a less-than-perfect efficiency rating by services like Charity Navigator. But the print piece and its new logo… Continue reading 4-star Service Committee

Saviour of All Fellowship’s gentle ministry

I’m always happy when I get an envelope of newsletters from the Saviour of All Fellowship. Even though you can read them online now — not always the case — there’s something about getting the letter. I need to put a check in the mail to them. Each month is one side of a leaf… Continue reading Saviour of All Fellowship’s gentle ministry

NYT: Manhattan synagogue takes on double duty

The Actor’s Temple, so progressive in its founding that it admitted the once less-respectable entertaining class, has been getting by in its Hell’s Kitchen location, but the risk of insolvency has moved the small congregation to modify its space as — what else? — a performance space. It isn’t always easy — well-loved pews vanished… Continue reading NYT: Manhattan synagogue takes on double duty

Hunting for lost churches

I’m cleaning obsolete files off my computer and have discovered saved webpages about the records Harvard holds about some defunct Universalist and Unitarian churches. There’s no good reason to save the cached pages; you can read about the holdings yourself here. But why look? To feel miserable about what’s lost? No. To see the stream… Continue reading Hunting for lost churches

A place to call home

WorldChanging and Radical Congruency each refer to a BoingBoing story about Community Voice Mail, “a non-profit providing voice mail services for poor and homeless individuals” (WorldChanging). It seems to have merit, and I mention it here for your consideration. If you like it, spread the word and send some money.

Mariners’ ministry in Hong Hong

I admit to being fascinated with Christian churches in unlikely places, in unusual formats, and under unconventional circumstances. Little wonder that transport chaplaincies appeal. In Hong Kong, four Protestant and Catholic ministry share space with a mariner’s club, which also offers accomodation, recreation, dining, and other resources. A room, dinner, a drink, a quick game… Continue reading Mariners’ ministry in Hong Hong

A rabbi, a priest, an imam, and a minister go to the Astrodome . . . .

If the title sounds like the beginning of an old joke, then it follows a week of the cruelest possible jokes. I suppose some people will find it in poorest taste that a couple of dozen revellers decided to go ahead with Southern Decadence, the “gay Mardi Gras” event, but at least that sounds like… Continue reading A rabbi, a priest, an imam, and a minister go to the Astrodome . . . .