Making do with Mennonites

I haven’t been blogging since Hubby and I took a vacation this week to Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Ah! the food! Chow-chow, kraut, apple dumplings . . . and more meat than I’ve eaten in the last six months. But people are drawn there also for watching the plain people — a distasteful act, I think,… Continue reading Making do with Mennonites

Revisiting my shaving posts

I’ve stumbled into a sidebar conversation with Ms. Theologian about shaving tools. For more than a year, I’ve cleared away the unbearded parts of my face with my grandfather’s “missile silo” double-edge razor, Wilkinson blades, a shaving brush I’ve had for eons and Kiss My Face Moisture Shave. I’m sure I spend less than $20… Continue reading Revisiting my shaving posts

Fast food

Well, I’m a bit hacked at a certain church near the Day Job. Their website promised an ecumenical Good Friday service at noon, but neglected to add thatit wasn’t at their church. Hmph! I don’t fast on Good Friday in the usual sense, but will abstain from meat and cooked food, but since I am… Continue reading Fast food