Overcoming credit

A little good news — after many, many months of big credit card payments, I am now making payments that are greater than the once customary 5% per month. At this rate, I will pay my poor-pastorate debt in 18 more months. It can be done. Just a little encouragement.

Eat locally

I’ll keep this simple — by the time an organic apple comes from California to DC, it isn’t organic anymore. It’s an apple-flavored ball of diesel fuel. There are radical responses — the hundred mile diet, for one — but shopping at farmers’ markets and abstaining from out-of-season fruit is a better use of petroleum… Continue reading Eat locally

The Dvorak keyboard

I’ve been teased for my interest in Esperanto, tofu, Universalism, Linux, and all manner of reformist “improvements” that (I know) causes some people to roll their eyes. Now I have a new one that might preserve my wrists: the Dvorak keyboard, and with it the possibility of becoming a touch-typist. This little article took ages… Continue reading The Dvorak keyboard

What not to buy, what to buy instead

I’m convinced that consumerism is the great distracter in America today. Why decry the many erosions of personal liberties, civil behavior, or quality of life when I can buy a sharp new outfit. The Style Network is my favorite venue for shadows and delusion. What’s yours? But there’s a solution: an unpopular, collective solution. But… Continue reading What not to buy, what to buy instead

Current blog reading

I do read non-religious blogs. The newest one’s I’ve added to the news feeder are: Planet Ubuntu: “a window into the world, work and lives of Ubuntu community members and developers,” Ubuntu Linux being the operating system I love oh so much. Apartment Therapy, a light style blog. Tree Hugger, a sometimes grim blog about… Continue reading Current blog reading

Two quick efficiency moves this morning

Did two things in the last twenty-four hours that I hope helps me reclaim more time. Removed all the games from my computer. I don’t even like free cell, and yet I’ve played it several times this week. Started using the Hipster PDA again. (Previously, it was “my research” mr “my sermon file”.) That is,… Continue reading Two quick efficiency moves this morning

The tickler file

A key premise in my life is that sane, progressive people need to stay healthy, debt-free, focused, and mutually-supportive or we’re never going to make it. Read a lot of the projects I’ve mentioned or pointed to on this blog in supportive of this goal. As a group, we need to be lean, efficient, and… Continue reading The tickler file