Water, before the hurricane

This photo, of any empty bottle water aisle in Washington, D.C. is a bit disappointing, if completely predictable. My solution, based on more than a few times through a hurricane, is to keep a covered dutch oven full of water on the stove, the electric kettle full and a pitcher in the fridge. And I’ll… Continue reading Water, before the hurricane

Commuting to church: D.C., elsewhere tool

The folk wisdom about getting to church is that people will go as far to a church as they will go to work. That makes commuting data important for church plants, but failing that assume that someone won’t take more than a half-hour to get there. There’s a new interesting tool that maps how far… Continue reading Commuting to church: D.C., elsewhere tool

Two blog posts on mission and ministry

If you don’t keep up with the Quaker blogosphere, you might miss two valuable blog posts about mission, ministry and how these speak to generational change, resources and burnout. “Bridging the Generational Divide in Ministry” (The Lamb’s War, Micah Bales) “Staying loose and open to new energy and God’s direction” (Quaker Ranter, Martin Kelley) Micah,… Continue reading Two blog posts on mission and ministry

Beth Terry speaking at BlogHer

Beth Terry — she of Fake Plastic Fish — is speaking at BlogHer this weekend. Congratulations! But what drew my attention to this was a thread of basic advice for reducing convention plastic waste through her Twitter feed. I was already primping for “bring your own badge holder” but her “Water bottles are great, but… Continue reading Beth Terry speaking at BlogHer