Installing the SnapScan 1300 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

This is one of those blog posts that act as a note-to-self. and, I hope help others in the same boat. If you have a SnapScan 1300 portable and want to use it on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS, follow these directions. They worked for me. (I found that from this page, so thanks all around.)

My two sources for weather information

I rely on two indicators for weather: my sinuses and When I’m already congested, a strong weather front will give me a blinding headache. (Like today.) But that’s not helpful for you, or Daisy, our bichon frise, who hates having a potty walk in the rain. I recommend for amazingly accurate hyper-local, minute-by-minute… Continue reading My two sources for weather information

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The Unitarian van mission

I usually write about Universalist polity, but some chat a few weeks ago about “Beyond Congregations” reminded me about the English “Unitarian van mission” of more than a century ago, and interest that stirred up here in the United States.     I’ve found references as far back as 1908, with its evident zenith in… Continue reading The Unitarian van mission

Things to try out

Now, with the preaching done for the day, I’m trying out three technology fixes: to find the best (that is, most appropriate and quickest to learn) tool for modifying images for a website, social media and the like. to see which of the static web development tool would work best for something like a church… Continue reading Things to try out down

It’s a long story (involving old contact emails) but I’ve temporarily lost control of the domain. Probably not the end of the world, but I hope to get it back. If not, I have other domains that will suit, and will move the content over, probably in January.

Serving the online church

I’ve signed up for so many accounts to manage my business relations with companies lately that I wonder what services a church — say, program-sized or larger — might offer online. I’m not suggesting that this suite of services already exists, or that everyone would find it desirable, but the such online services might expand… Continue reading Serving the online church

Coding for …?

In my experience, attempts to introduce technology lessons for lawyers means an opportunity for clergy, too. Small-firm lawyers and clergy very often have this much in common: a need for technology, perhaps more than is currently thought, and few opportunities to learn about it, even though they have a deep educational background. I mentioned this… Continue reading Coding for …?