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Though it is a little thin on content, especially for a readership outside the United Kingdom, take a quick look at Church Computer Online There’s relatively little on the web reviewing church-related software, so I’ll watch and wait for more.

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Best websites among . . .

Since I made the point with very small churches, I won’t rehearse why I think having a good website is important. Indeed, with my new spare time, I’ll be going back and cleaning up my own backyard(s). But I’ll also be reporting on other discrete groups of websites, namely those in Canada (overall underwhelming), the… Continue reading Best websites among . . .

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A quick look at the Valdosta website

Responding to Anna’s comment: Given that I went to the University of Georgia you might not think I would have anything nice to say about Ultima Thule Valdosta, but the state university there is quite good, and (as we all know in the Peach State) that’s where they grow the football players. In fact, Unitarian… Continue reading A quick look at the Valdosta website

The best welcome to a small church?

Yesterday, in a fit of enthusiasm, I reviewed each website for United States Unitarian Universalist Association membership congregations thirty-five members and fewer, and those which are aspiring for membership, known as “emerging congregations.” (I excluded federated churches on the grounds that the total parish was, in each case, larger than thirty-five.) Why did I review… Continue reading The best welcome to a small church?

NY Times Reports on Lifestyle Evangelism via Internet

Lifestyle evangelism, or, as Channing might put it, “evangelism by character”, isn’t new. But applying it subtly via the Internet is gaining currency: enough to attract the Other Newspaper, that is, the New York Times. Click here to see “Tucked Behind the Home Page, a Call to Worship” by John Leland, in today’s print and… Continue reading NY Times Reports on Lifestyle Evangelism via Internet

Some programs for church work

Now that I’m getting used to Linux, and particular the Mandrake 9.1 distro, I’m learning to compile software – software most useful for church work. In particular, I have found software for printing sheet music, advanced desktop publishing, and databases, plus the server-side church administration software I mentioned earlier. Just a few notes for what… Continue reading Some programs for church work

Live from Linux

It took me a while – a learning curve, you know – but I am making this entry while dialed-up from within the Linux Mandrake 9.1 division on my home computer. Some people make a religion out of Linux, but I’m just cheap and want to keep fresh without spending (too much) money. This machine… Continue reading Live from Linux

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