Two small churches, using social media and tools

Small churches in the Unitarian Universalist Association are a bit off the recognition map; so, too, are the Christian churches. Combine these and, well, good luck. But I’ve noticed two that are using social tools well and deserve recognition. First Universalist Church, Providence, has revamped its website and (here’s the point) has started advertizing on… Continue reading Two small churches, using social media and tools

Who’s really central in the UUA?

After a quarter-century as a Unitarian Universalist, I can say with conviction that our largest problems have little to do with money or even membership, but with deep unresolved issue of identity. The continual plaints — and curiously distributed — circle about who is or is not welcome, with tones more fitting for a Dickensian… Continue reading Who’s really central in the UUA?

Social media, engagement tools to note

Have I boasted about my amazingly talented Sunlight Foundation colleagues lately? No? Then let me point out the tools that “the other Scott” — Scott Stadum, Sunlight’s User Engagement Analyst — has used and pointed out in the pursuit of his work. He’s written about them in a series called Transparency Tools, though my readers… Continue reading Social media, engagement tools to note

Podcast bleg

I have a blog beg: a bleg. What podcasts do you (still) listen to? I’ve decided to install Google Listen — an experimental podcast downloaded — to my Android devises, but it’s been so long since I’ve regularly listened to podcasts that I have only added one: Pola Retradio en Esperanto (Polish Webradio in Esperanto).… Continue reading Podcast bleg

Considering Google, Facebook and “free”

I don’t like, but tolerate, Facebook because I can keep up with so many relatives and friends. I like, but with reservations and misgivings, the Google universe of services because they are so intrusively helpful. But after another round of “oh, not again” revelations about privacy, I’ve decided to give up on Facebook and scale… Continue reading Considering Google, Facebook and “free”

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Filling in Wikipedia

Nothing gets me to blog like the intention not to blog. I read this brief NPR piece about declining numbers of editors on Wikipedia. I’ve long thought the process was one bit too complex — particularly about flagging biased articles — so I’m hopeful for improvements. Which raises a question: which Unitarian and Universalist articles… Continue reading Filling in Wikipedia