We are not powerless

As we approach Christmas, and before our collective attention span shrinks as short as the daylight, I want to put a concluding thought on the series of posts around Unitarian Universalist social engagement, though I expect to come back to the theme. The big takeaway is that we are not powerless. Political and social influence… Continue reading We are not powerless

Brooks: on not under-estimating sin (before we “rediscovered” it)

Another passage from Elbridge Gerry Brooks’s Our New Departure, pages 85, opening his chapter on sin. I wish this was more simply written, but it makes me think of more recent preachments on the “re-discovery” of sin among Unitarian Universalists. But Brooks shows this dynamic isn’t new and cautions about flying from one pole of… Continue reading Brooks: on not under-estimating sin (before we “rediscovered” it)

I can do all things through Christ who strengthened me.

[Paul] had a broad vision and a comprehensive grasp, and his thirty years’ ministry as an ambassador of Christ attests his intelligence not less than his zeal. He was grandly equipped for his work, not alone by his exalted faith and consecration, but also by his rare intellectual skill and strength, and his acquisition of… Continue reading I can do all things through Christ who strengthened me.

On sanctification

The task of Universalist saints was to actualize the potential for perfection made available to humans by Christ the creator, former, and restorer. Each soul received its own unique form of the truth and individually grew towards sanctification. The communion of saints, therefore, did not exist to provide a means of grace or a standard… Continue reading On sanctification

Selections from Parish Practice in Universalist Churches: on Religion

For the next few days, I’ll be lifting out fragments from Parish Practice in Universalist Churches (with little commentary). This is from early-on: a review of what religion is. Already in the post-war, post-Christian mode, but with a purpose and biblical orientation that’s worth examining. And a nice shout out from the Te Deum.

My bit for Trinity Sunday

I’ve seen more Unitarians, Universalists and Unitarian Universalists make comment — positive, thoughtful or inquisitive comments — about the doctrine of the Trinity in the last few days than I’ve seen in my twenty-five years as a (Unitarian) Universalist. (Parenthetical, because I do believe in the Trinity now, but it’s not the sort of thing… Continue reading My bit for Trinity Sunday

Reading for June 2011

I’m a miserably slow reader, so it’s a good thing I’m taking the bus to General Assembly (and that I don’t get motion sickness.) In no particular, order. this is far more than a month’s worth. Perhaps more than two. Alain de Botton. 1997. How Proust Can Change Your Life. Adin Ballou. 2003 reprint of… Continue reading Reading for June 2011

First edition of Ballou’s Treatise on Atonement available for download

It’s been years since I’ve read in full Hosea Ballou’s influential masterwork, the Treatise on Atonement, from the last print edition (UUA, 1986) which itself was reproduced from a mid-nineteenth century edition. But this was the revision of the mature Ballou, and I’ve been meaning to read the more direct and homspun theology of the… Continue reading First edition of Ballou’s Treatise on Atonement available for download