Universalism: not heresy

I’ve long ago rejected the tittering proclamation that Universalism is a heresy — said like this was a good thing. And also the self-serving etymology; that since heresy is derived from the Greek word meaning to choose that this it’s necessarily, again, a good thing. The implication of the word is clearly and honestly one of… Continue reading Universalism: not heresy

“Everlasting Gospel” in PDF, October 2

Well, I figured the best way to carefully read Siegvolck’s The Everlasting Gospel is to clean up a scan for re-publication. (It’s worked before.) And the best way to get to out is to promise a PDF (and text file of the LaTeX markup) to my readers. So, on October 2, I will publish both.… Continue reading “Everlasting Gospel” in PDF, October 2

Paul Siegvolck’s The Everlasting Gospel

Just a quick note. It’s hard to find The Everlasting Gospel by Paul Siegvolck — pseudonym of George Klein-Nicolai — even though it’s continued mentioned in Universalist history, particularly for its value in converting then-Baptist Elhanan Winchester to faith in the universal restoration. Copies of a 1840s reprint hide at Google Books, anthologized in the… Continue reading Paul Siegvolck’s The Everlasting Gospel

The extra principle in the Philippines

I was reading a blog post at Inspired Faith, Effective Action about one of the churches of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines (UUCP) which building is at risk by rising water. One of the photographs illustrating the story showed three persons (presumably church members) in front of a poster entitled UU Principles &… Continue reading The extra principle in the Philippines

James Relly’s book, “Union”

While I’m cleaning out and finding useful files, I thought I would re-share the PDF book I made of James Relly’s 1759 “Union: or, a Treatise of the Consanguinity and Affinity between Christ and his Church.” I have made this available at my (somewhat dormant) UniversalistChurch.net site, so I think this is the first time… Continue reading James Relly’s book, “Union”

What is our gospel?

OK: I’ve asked before and I’ll surely ask again, but what is the “saving gospel” that I hear some Unitarian Universalists talk about? You know: the one “the world needs to hear.” There’s something rather Rorschach test-like about it, in that the discussion of a gospel is in relation to the desirability for one. Still,… Continue reading What is our gospel?