DC Metro-Google Maps mashup

The Express, the Washington Post‘s free sibling for straphangers and office worker types has mashed together their info and Google maps to give us lots of helpful destination info near subway stations. Not perfect — it doesn’t put exits in the right places; there’s no subway stop in the middle of Dupont Circle — but… Continue reading DC Metro-Google Maps mashup

DC Circulator bus service improves

Today is Earth Day. Well, heck, as the price of gasoline continues to rise, every day in metro Washington is Earth Day. Transit ridership is very high and making news, in part because there’s no event associated with the upturn. Good. This post, however, is for the tourists. I know you’re coming and you ought… Continue reading DC Circulator bus service improves

Thy labors rest

“Employee of the century” Arthur Winston died today peacefully in his sleep, aged 100. He retired last month after seventy-two years of service with Los Angeles’s transit authority. I don’t know what part of this story stuns me most. Read details at his Wikipedia article.

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Free car free

Regular readers know Hubby and I don’t have a car any longer, and we’re doing quite well. A couple of people at Day Job act as if were in peril of starvation or social isolation, but that’s far, far, far from the truth. Of course, we live in a very pedestrian- and transit-oriented part of… Continue reading Free car free

DC Circulator is good

A little local note. The DC Circulator began operations today, and I think we have a winner here. It is essentially a simplified (no route numbers; two routes, intersecting at the Convention Center; flat $1 fare) and upscale (clean, airy, low-floor buses) bus route that should help tourists, intown workers, and folks like Hubby and… Continue reading DC Circulator is good

Taking the bus or subway to church

A few days ago, I wondered if Unitarian Universalists wouldn’t be better off to promote transit options to get to church. (“Unitarian Universalism by Transit“) Follow the link below to see a few of the congregational sites that give transit directions. It isn’t comprehensive, so please add more in the comments.

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London’s bus campaign for Washington

Bus-loving people will have already seen the London ‘My other car is a bus — new advertising campaign — I only wish I could get one of the bumper stickers! That said: Washington’s buses could use some more practical help, especially with the capacity of the Metrorail system being stretched towards breaking. We all know… Continue reading London’s bus campaign for Washington

More on the urban good life

I’m a bit more optimistic than Chutney at MyIrony.com (“America’s “blue” urban archipelago“) about winning the “heartland” — if nothing else, the division might be the nation’s undoing. On the other hand, he’s got some good ideas. I’ll take him at his word and add a few, from the hustle-bustle of Logan Circle. Avoid big-box… Continue reading More on the urban good life