Silver Line opens; new way to Dulles Airport

So, my husband and I rode to the eastern terminus of the Washington Metro Silver Line on opening day yesterday. This is the first new subway — really, an elevated line — since 1991, and it goes through and past Tysons Corner, a local byword for big shopping malls, wide highways and mammoth office blocks.… Continue reading Silver Line opens; new way to Dulles Airport

Get your rail tickets for Providence General Assembly

Amtrak is an affordable, appealing option for many Unitarian Universalists coming from out of town to Providence for General Assembly. The tickets become much more expensive if you buy them within 21 days of travel. Other discounts exists, but it’s hard to be the convenience of a single passenger travelling. Companion fares which could be… Continue reading Get your rail tickets for Providence General Assembly

Google, for flight planning

So I stumbled across a new, handy, location-aware flight planning tool on Google. And so continues my love-hate relationship with Big G. Click this — you should get prices for flights to General Assembly;t=PVD;d=2014-06-25;r=2014-06-29;ti=t0000-1100,t1700-2400;mc=m I would appreciate you telling me what you actually get.

More on the simplified conference

I mentioned the concept of the Esperanto weekend before. Think low-cost, lightly pre-programmed meetings with a focus on fellowship. Perhaps the container for an unconference. Two more thoughts. 1. The next Esperanto weekend will be in Richmond, Virginia. (details in English and Esperanto). Here is a how-to, if you read Esperanto. 2. Buses. Megabus, the… Continue reading More on the simplified conference

WMATA on Google Transit

Today, D.C.’s transit hounds get what once thought impossible: the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA; “Metro”) is on Google Transit, a service that integrates maps and service schedules. It is available for dozens of other services worldwide. So now it’s possible to plot driving, walking and transit trips in the area. Other, smaller transit… Continue reading WMATA on Google Transit

Chinatown bus update

Hubby and I got back from a trip to New York tonight. We took the bus both ways. Bus travel in the northeast corridor got a new lease on life several years ago when a number of bus companies, based out of Chinatowns and catering originally to kitchen workers, attracted non-Chinese riders. (I was an… Continue reading Chinatown bus update

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Inside Universalist Meeting House

Well, I missed All Saints Day and now it’s All Souls Day. Remember the unity of the human race in prayer. Nothing profound to say about it now — time is short — but I wanted to share a few photos from the Universalist Meeting House in Provincetown, which I visited last week. It’s one… Continue reading Inside Universalist Meeting House

In the neighborhood of Boston

So I’m in Boston, having first attended Peter Boullata’s installation as the minister of the First Parish, Lexington. Victoria Weinstein, also known to Beauty Tips for Ministers blog readers as PeaceBang, delivered an extraordinary sermon and Tom Schade, the minister of First Unitarian, Worcester delivered a charge that made me rethink what I should be… Continue reading In the neighborhood of Boston