Typing in Esperanto with Ubuntu Linux

And while I’m talking about Ubuntu Linux, I recently discovered a feature for Esperantistoj, courtesy of Mikeo of the Junularo Esperantista Brita (British Esperantists Young-persons’ Group). Dankon! See the article for full details and other options. For those unfamiliar, there are six letters found in Esperanto not found in other languages. This can complicate typing.… Continue reading Typing in Esperanto with Ubuntu Linux

Trimming PDFs

More a note to myself than a blog post, but others using desktop Linux might find it useful. So you scan a book — say, an antiquarian piece of obscure liturgy — but the flatbed glass is much larger than the book, so you get a big black box where the book ends. That’s a… Continue reading Trimming PDFs

The $10 church computer

Something of a thought experiment. USB sticks have gotten ridicuously cheap and Linux desktop software has gotten rather robust and mature. Why not combine the two, and create a live USB drive — where the entire computer system with operating system, all software and files — can be booted up on pretty most any computer… Continue reading The $10 church computer

gLabels template for file folder labels

This is for my Linux-using chums out there, and a tiny piece for church administration — provided you use the Gnome desktop, like Ubuntu Linux. gLabels — “a program for creating labels and business cards for the¬†GNOME desktop environment”¬†— is the easiest way I’ve ever found to create and print labels, and can merge information… Continue reading gLabels template for file folder labels

Linux Bible software problem

So I’ve installed two Bible reader software packages: BibleTime and Xiphos (formerly GnomeSword). Both are based on the SWORD Project, where the former is native to the Kubuntu distribution (flavor) of Linux, while Xiphos is native to the mainline Ubuntu distribution I use. (If the difference between Ubuntu and Kubuntu doesn’t mean anything to you… Continue reading Linux Bible software problem

Unitarian Universalist paper cuts need fixing too

My preferred computer operating system, Ubuntu Linux, upgrades later this week. One approach for improving usability was for the community that supports it to attack “a hundred papercuts” at the same time others improve more complex systems. The project, defined: A paper cut is a trivially fixable usability bug that the average user would encounter… Continue reading Unitarian Universalist paper cuts need fixing too

New Ubuntu Linux on Thursday

In brief, I’ll see if “Karmic Koala” — the soon-to-be-released version of Ubuntu Linux — passes the ease-of-use test for novices. There are conflicting reports, but either way I’m keen to see the changes. Here’s one video report from the BBC. Ubuntu

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The best PDFs in review

I recently backed up my home computer, reinstalled Ubuntu Linux and decided the terabyte-sized external hard drive was a must. (I recall my younger self backing up with floppy disks. A quick calculation suggests it would take 7510 pounds of those old disks for my current data. And I’m nowhere close to using up that… Continue reading The best PDFs in review

PDF scanning the booklet

Notes from my scanning workflow from yesterday. I’ve had my Epson Perfection 3490 Photo scanner for years — a gift from Hubby, Christmas 2003 or 2004, I think — but it never played happily with whatever Linux set-up I had at the time. But there’s a maxim that Linux distributions (editions) work better with older… Continue reading PDF scanning the booklet

CrunchBang Linux gets own home

My favorite lightweight distro (edition) of Linux is Philip Newborough’s young CrunchBang Linux, an unofficial variant of Ubuntu Linux using the OpenBox window environment. Now that it’s moved past its wobbly fawn phase, Newborough’s moved it from his CrunchBang blog to crunchbanglinux.com. Bookmark and savor. But who would make the most of this distro? Perhaps… Continue reading CrunchBang Linux gets own home