Resurrexit computer

I swear this is the truth. Tonight, I was about to pull the hard drive, disc drives and the network card for later use, leaving the chassis for recycling. (Don’t throw these away; computers are full of toxic metals.) The RAM was already out — I thought I had fried it with static or something… Continue reading Resurrexit computer

Ubuntu discs offered

A Careful Reader from Massachusetts asked (in so many words) if there were any of those Ubuntu discs left from Revival? Yes and no. Rocket scientist that I am, I packed the five discs in the same pocket with a padlock. The lock had sharp edges and scuffed and scraped the discs. I didn’t give… Continue reading Ubuntu discs offered

To Revival (and bringing Ubuntu discs)

The Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship Revival is underway in NYC. I’ll be taking a bus at 2:00 a.m. to participate in the Saturday and Sunday sessions. PeaceBang, Philo, Adam, Ron and to ye non-blogging friends — I’m coming! I’ll also be bringing discs with the Ubuntu Linux operating system (the stable, long-supported 6.06 release, which… Continue reading To Revival (and bringing Ubuntu discs)

New Ubuntu release coming; listen to BBC podcast

I just can’t wait for the Ubuntu 6.10 “Edgy Eft” due to be released on October 26. Some people wanting long-term support will want to stick with the current 6.06, but others should look here for release notes. It will include among other things Firefox 2.0, which will be released generally today. See in… Continue reading New Ubuntu release coming; listen to BBC podcast

Ubuntu Christian edition?

Linux spawns new distributions like — uh, — nineteenth century Lutherans made denominations. I like and use Ubuntu Linux (“Linux for humans”) and some of its derivitives, but am not sure what to make of Ubuntu Christian Edition. What, I wonder, is the purpose? It seems to be a properly orthodox (if you’ll forgive the… Continue reading Ubuntu Christian edition?

Legacy Windows user? Time to go to Ubuntu Linux

Today, Microsoft stops supporting Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Windows ME (Millenium Edition). (Washington Post link) Yes, these are old operating systems. But yes, a lot of people still use them. The computer I own came with Windows ME and it chugs along just fine, thank you. Not that I run Windows on… Continue reading Legacy Windows user? Time to go to Ubuntu Linux

Using GnomeSword to tease out biblical citations

Y’all know I love Ubuntu Linux and use it exclusively on my home computer. I wanted to highlight a piece of software I’ve been using on it: GnomeSword, the Bible and related texts reader for the Gnome desktop. (I’m using it to identify the introits in the old Evangelical and Reformed Church The Hymnal lectionary.… Continue reading Using GnomeSword to tease out biblical citations