Plain geek

Like Happy Cindy, I took the Geek Test, but scored a mere 23.27% Some affirmations got especially close to home. I own a computer currently running on Linux. (Ubuntu 5.10, but think I might get a discard and play with Debian.) I married someone that I met over the Internet. I play Devo. (I’m playing… Continue reading Plain geek

New Ubuntu distro

OK gang, I got back from Portland, Oregon exhibiting for Day Job, only to have a lot of housework to catch up on, and now I feel poorly. I think I have what’s going around. And I have to exhibit in Philly later this week. Not much time for blogging, and I even accidentally deleted… Continue reading New Ubuntu distro

Ubuntu Linux followup

Graham commented, after I mentioned I had installed Ubuntu Linux on my home computer: “Ooh, do let us know how you get on.” I’m getting on quite well, and I think it is the best Linux distribution for home and church office desktops I’ve seen to date. But it isn’t for most people yet. The… Continue reading Ubuntu Linux followup

The Bible opens up

In my recent post Is the mainline church closed-source? I resigned myself to using the King James Version of the Bible. Last night, I installed more open-source software on my computer — I’m loving the Ubuntu Linux, but that’s another entry — and GnomeSword2 Bible Guide had a translation I had never heard of: the… Continue reading The Bible opens up

Ubuntu up

I’ve been Linux-happy and Microsoft-free at home for a year and a half. Last night, I installed the new desktop darling of the Linux world — Ubuntu Linux — and I’m sold. It is better integrated and easier to add new software packages than the other Linux distributions I’ve installed. Linux and open-source software generally,… Continue reading Ubuntu up


UU means Unitarian Universalist. LUG means Linux Users Group. So, are any of my readers — I suppose you needn’t be a Unitarian Universalist, really — Linux users? Please leave a comment. The occasion for asking is that I’m considering moving from Mepis Linux, a Debian distribution to Ubuntu. (I used to use Mandrake, but… Continue reading UU LUG?

Ubuntu two

Earlier, I referred to the Zulu word ubuntu, musing on its familiar themes to Universalists. Tonight, I was casting through those parts of the 1662 Anglican prayerbook in Zulu. (No, I don’t read Zulu, but I can control-F to find terms.) I found ubuntu (perhaps in conjunction with another word or words) in three places:… Continue reading Ubuntu two

Ubuntu defined

Still unable to blog from my own computer. Bummer. (When I can, I’ll make links to good agencies worthy of sending donations for Asian tsunami relief.) I thought part of the problem was my new Linux distro, but now I fear it is a hardware problem. Looking for a new Linux distro to test my… Continue reading Ubuntu defined