Importing old articles from

It has been three years since I’ve added anything to my plastic-use reduction blog,, and the domain expires today. I’ve woved the old content to here and will tagging it — if I can — “low plastic.”

If I write anything else on the subject, it will be there.

Produce without plastic

The forthcoming District of Columbia plastic and paper bag restriction specifically excludes bags for fruit and vegetable — perhaps out of concern that D.C. residents need no discouragement to eat their greens.

But in France we saw an alternative — paper. Strong attractive paper bags — squared off, with a picture of a cheery market scene and big enough to hold a pound or two of apples or grapes — were the rule. I suspect they’re made of virgin pulp; kraft paper usually is

Bocca Sacs are the maker of the one I kept, if you’re an interested greengrocer.