Another hymnal found: for Unitarian mission

While looking for the source of an obscure responsive reading, I came across this little service book: Mission hymnal of the Unitarian Laymen’s League. Despite it being undated, and Internet Archive dating it to 1900, it is in fact later. Unless the Unitarian Laymen’s League had the powers of time travel, as it includes a… Continue reading Another hymnal found: for Unitarian mission

Fifty Shades of Unitarian

So, what are the “standards” of Unitarian hymnody? Lacking an objective standard, I’ve looked at the question one of two ways: hymns commonly found in Unitarian hymnals, by Unitarian authors; and those chosem by leading lights. This blog post assumes the later. “The Unitarian faith set forth in fifty Unitarian hymns” by American Unitarian Association… Continue reading Fifty Shades of Unitarian

“The Worship of a Unitarian Church” (1901)

I’ll be refering to this chapter (“The Worship of a Unitarian Church”) from the 1901 Handbook for Unitarian Congregational Churches for a few, scattered blog posts,to consider what habits and attitudes in worship and organization remain with us, if perhaps under a different cover. So I present the following for your reference. The Worship of… Continue reading “The Worship of a Unitarian Church” (1901)

“A Hundred Unitarian Sunday Circles” (1895)

Moving back another generation from the Lay Centers I wrote about last week. A HUNDRED UNITARIAN SUNDAY CIRCLES What is the next aggressive missionary movement for the Unitarians of this country to give their attention to? I believe it is the establishment of religious Sunday circles, or what I may call simple parlor churches, in… Continue reading “A Hundred Unitarian Sunday Circles” (1895)

A hymnal from Fellowship Movement prehistory

Reading Bright Galaxy is making me re-visit the scattered history of earlier Unitarian efforts to organize lay-led congregations, including the League of Lay Centers. This was active, I believe, c. 1907-08. [Correction: These were “Centers” and spelling changed;  but I believe there was another attempt with “Lay Centres”.] February 1908 issue of Unitarian Word &… Continue reading A hymnal from Fellowship Movement prehistory

The neighborhood of Boston, mapped and planned…

From the October 20, 1921 issue of the Unitarian Register.   The map is familiar; the idea of a program launching after a 90 minute meeting is pheonomenal. But why should it be so? What might a group of people, meeting over a long lunch say, accomplish or at least propose? The Boston Circle The… Continue reading The neighborhood of Boston, mapped and planned…