The pew rent system and membership

This is a continuation of the thread on the history of membership in Unitarian and Universalist congregations. I know the very idea of a fundraising canvass will send many of you into a fit of groaning. But the approach to funding, also known as the voluntary system, is a huge improvement over what came before… Continue reading The pew rent system and membership

Sources for Unitarian and Universalist membership historical context

Well, my post (“What is it we become a member of?“) seems to have stirred the Walled Internet. Where do you go to know what our Universalist or Unitarian forebears thought membership meant? So long as you don’t confuse the concepts of parish, society and church, you can look to a large, if disjointed, number… Continue reading Sources for Unitarian and Universalist membership historical context

Graphic Origins of the Flaming Chalice

Someone I met recently asked about the origins of the flaming chalice. He said that someone coming from a non-Unitarian Universalist background might think it had something to do with a cross. Indeed. I pulled this very fragile 1946 poster out of my Big Box of Ephemera (Unitarian Section) and thought I’d share some pictures.

More Unitarian service books

While I focus on Universalist worship resources, the book digitization revolution has brought back to light Unitarian service books, too — by which I include comprehensive prayerbooks and other resources (often with hymns) that have service elements. Here are some I’ve found recently, in chronological order; click through to download or read online. (There are… Continue reading More Unitarian service books