GS 2007: blogging Synod

UCC minister Kirk Moore (Kirogitation) is blogging regularly the events of the United Church of Christ General Synod in Hartford, Connecticut. They have an interesting program today; I would rather like to see Sen. Barack Obama, a member of a UCC church in Chicago, speak this afternoon. Many of my readers know James Estes (Peregrinato);… Continue reading GS 2007: blogging Synod

GA 2008: pimp my seminary

Psst! Theological students, over here. If I wanted to improve the profile of my seminary — particularly if I’ve heard that it has a soft reputation, a problem with enrollment or that my denomination is about to slice its funding –  I might want to follow the example of the students of the United Church… Continue reading GA 2008: pimp my seminary

New UCC site: get me my lemon reamer

James Estes (Peregrinato) visited the new UCC website and tagged me for my opinion. He writes: Simply put, I don’t like the new website for the United Church of Christ–at least at first glance. I really don’t care for the menu bar with its so self-consciously hip titles: The 411, Church Stuff (…can we be… Continue reading New UCC site: get me my lemon reamer

Blogger: Matthew Davis Fox

I’ve added the LiveJournal page feed for (the Rev.) Matthew Davis Fox on my feed reader at home. I found it after I Googled his name after finding at reference to his ordination at the All Souls Bethlehem Church, Brooklyn website. As some of my readers may know, All Souls Bethlehem is a three-way federated… Continue reading Blogger: Matthew Davis Fox

UCC to stream its business

UCC will broadcast all business “gavel to gavel” of the General Synod this June. Cool. So says the United Church News. (I rather wish the UUA had substantive business like, say, contested elections, but that’s another post.)

Can any national meeting really be green?

With the hit carbon offsetting firms are getting — how do you know they do what they claim to do? — the usefulness of offsetting carbon emissions for the UUA General Assembly is at least questionable.  And even if it worked perfectly, it seems the greater energy and resource drain comes from the flying or… Continue reading Can any national meeting really be green?