Universalist Heritage Foundation hosts worship services

There will be a series of summer services at the Heritage Center — the rebuilt historic Universalist church of Winchester, New Hampshire — of the Universalist Heritage Foundation on several Sundays this year. Details and more at the UHF’s well-designed and informative Web site. Do spread the word; I don’t think it’s getting the attention… Continue reading Universalist Heritage Foundation hosts worship services

Reader’s question: Where to get the 1941 prayerbook?

A reader asked where he might get a copy of the 1941 Universalist prayerbook. This is how I replied: The 1941 (and lesser known 1943 Harrisville, R.I. prayerbook) were simply abridgments of the 1894 servicebook, with the 1935 Washington Avowal in place — in the appendix — of the Winchester Profession and a new introduction… Continue reading Reader’s question: Where to get the 1941 prayerbook?

High over Relly’s church

What does a Shakepearian villain, the author of Utopia, a pioneering Universalist minister and record-making building have in common? A single place Crosby Hall (1, 2) was a late medieval merchant’s house in the Bishopsgate section of London, near the even older (and surviving) St. Helen’s Church. Among its famous early residents were the Duke… Continue reading High over Relly’s church

Memorial Sunday

For “Memorial Sunday” being “Any Sunday in October set apart to commemorate the death, during the previous year, of any member of the Sunday School or family. The room might appropriately be decorated with autumn leaves.” The vertical bars [ | ] are in the original, and are meant for pauses when the prayer is… Continue reading Memorial Sunday