Covenant, overplayed

Minister and blogger Dan Harper thinks we should “get rid of covenant as an organizing principle.” I think he’s right and lays out a good case, particularly about how covenantalism — as now extolled — was not what Universalists had. Consider the Gloucester, Massachusetts 1786 Charter of Compact — this was John Murray’s pastorate —… Continue reading Covenant, overplayed

Reader’s question: Where to get the 1941 prayerbook?

A reader asked where he might get a copy of the 1941 Universalist prayerbook. This is how I replied: The 1941 (and lesser known 1943 Harrisville, R.I. prayerbook) were simply abridgments of the 1894 servicebook, with the 1935 Washington Avowal in place — in the appendix — of the Winchester Profession and a new introduction… Continue reading Reader’s question: Where to get the 1941 prayerbook?

Confessions of Faith from “Life Hymnal” (1904)

I read two very interesting faith statements — I dare not call them anything else; they had no formal denominational standing — and have typed them below. These are prescribed in one of the Sunday school services in The Life Hymnal: A Book of Song and Service for the Sunday School by Stanford Mitchell and… Continue reading Confessions of Faith from “Life Hymnal” (1904)