GA (GB) starts; Reignite reports

The General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, our cousins in Great Britain, have begun meeting. Stephen Lingwood of Reignite has started reporting. The most remarkable fact is how he took (only) two hours by train to get to Chester, the GA host city. That’s like from here to Philadelphia (maybe) or the northern… Continue reading GA (GB) starts; Reignite reports

Live from Birmingham

Props to Stephen Lingwood (Reignite) for standing out in the cold in Birmingham (not the one in Alabama) opposing the blasphemy laws and promoting Unitarianism. That’s a kind of “awareness” service — something for which I normally have little patience — that proves its worth in chapped lips and personal contact. The fact that the… Continue reading Live from Birmingham

British Unitarians change governance

Jaume de Marcos broke the news on the blogosphere — in Castillian Spanish — of the Result of the election for Executive Committee members 2006-2009. The upshot is the British Unitarians have a directly elected governing board. That’s the good news. The bad news is the electoral role is 2,563 — meaning the legal Unitarian… Continue reading British Unitarians change governance

Banners at General Assembly: history?

Does anyone know when the first banners appeared at General Assembly, or Universalist General Convention, or at the Unitarian “May Meetings”? I know the British Unitarians have these at their Annual Meeting, but who influenced whom? I wonder if there’s an inheritance from trade union, women’s sufferage, and related reform movement banners (on either side… Continue reading Banners at General Assembly: history?

Murder in the Philippines echoes history

Chuck Currie writes about the horrible murder of a conference minister of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, the Rev. Edison Lapuz. If there is a goverment connection, then let their action fall back up on them. In any case, it seems a terrible loss to his people. Regular readers might feel a… Continue reading Murder in the Philippines echoes history

New CUC document

Thanks to Joseph at Radical Hapa for drawing attention to the Canadian Unitarian Council’s proposed revision and domestication of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Principles and Purposes. No need to rehash the P&Ps misuse, but the action draws up two competing thoughts: Why are they doing this thing? It seems to be a bit of a… Continue reading New CUC document

Get Rowell’s article on British Universalism

I’ve been doing this Universalist thing for about fifteen years now, and Unitarianism before that. I’m pretty well versed on several of the major themes within Universalism — perhaps more so than most — but I’ve probably forgotten more than I’ve retained. (That’s OK: recognizing the finite capacity of human beings before the infinitude of… Continue reading Get Rowell’s article on British Universalism