Unitarian Christians: in English and Italian

Two new websites are emerging, perhaps related, but it is hard to tell. The first is for Unitarian Christians in Italy, suggesting some kind of denomination. CristianiUnitari.org for the Gruppo Cristiano Unitariano d’Italia, and then there’s another site UnitarianChristian.net. There’s something about the formatting of the two sites that suggests a more than a link-me,… Continue reading Unitarian Christians: in English and Italian

Lively from Leeds

Blogshares included a Unitarian Universalist blog that I had never heard of, and followed the link to discovered it was the news page (powered by some kind of blogging software) of the Mill Hill Unitarian Chapel, Leeds. I mention it because it is one of the nicest websites of any Unitarian church in Great Britain.… Continue reading Lively from Leeds

New Unitarian churches: Norway and Burundi

Webwatchers have known that Norway has long had a Unitarian advocate in Knut but now there’s a website for the Unitarian Christian Church in Norway (English and Norwegian). And Burundi? The Unitarian Fraternity in Bordeaux, France scooped the Internet (I think) with news about Unitarian Christians in that southern African country. The news (in French)… Continue reading New Unitarian churches: Norway and Burundi

Some statistics: UK and Unitarian

Looking to the UK, I can suspend my division between the Universalists and the Unitarians because what few institutional remnants of the Universalists were completely absorbed by the latter. The last Universalist-named church has been gone a half-century. More on that later. I was struck (again) by how secular London is, and yet how Christianity,… Continue reading Some statistics: UK and Unitarian

Unitarian Christian Association (UK) online

Good word today: the Unitarian Christian Association, the British counterpart to the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship, has gone online, and in quite an attractive way. See http://www.unitarianchristian.org.uk/. [2009. New site.] I particularly like the entry about the Annual Meeting of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches [GAUFCC link], and my one regret… Continue reading Unitarian Christian Association (UK) online