A prayer at eventide

I’ve moved from a traditional Universalist prayerbook’s evening prayer to vespers — a related service, but very different in structure and tone — because it is more meditative, more focused on the night, and night as a foreshadow of death. But considering death then turns us back to life, so the experience isn’t gloomy, but… Continue reading A prayer at eventide

Daily prayer: “I will pray for you” (and mean it)

“I will pray for you” and its secularized version “I’m thinking of you” are still lively expressions of concern, and often deeply valued by the person thought of or prayed for. Friends have approached me, asking for prayer, only last week. “Of course,” I said. And I mean it, and I have a plan to… Continue reading Daily prayer: “I will pray for you” (and mean it)

New “Union Prayer Book” and old “Parish Practice” arrived today

I’ll keep this brief because I came home feeling not-so-well today. Two books that I had ordered arrived: the hot-off-the-presses new addition of the Union Prayer Book, Sinai Edition, Revised And a used copy of Parish Practice in Universalist Churches, by Robert Cummins. The first is a modern adaptation of a classic Reform Jewish prayer… Continue reading New “Union Prayer Book” and old “Parish Practice” arrived today

Two more Universalist worship books at Google Books

Two more books for your reference; both may be downloaded as PDFs. Cantica Sacra, something of a sung daily prayer resource from the New England Universalist Publishing House (1865) A Book of Services and Responsive Readings: Used at St. Paul’s Church, Chicago, which has a liturgical fragment of interest — more about that later. (1891)