A question for wedding officiants

Legislative and court successes have expanded same-sex couples access to legal marriage; my husband and I have benefited from it. It’s exciting to see the couples line up on the first “legal” day. Some of these will then get married on the courthouse steps, or some location nearby. It’s particularly encouraging to see Unitarian Universalist… Continue reading A question for wedding officiants

Following on Mandela: how a small church can hold a vigil

Last time, I mentioned I took my prayerbook to the South African embassy to pay my respects after the death of Nelson Mandela; I used it too, reading part of the funeral office near the embassy. On my walk back I thought of all of the public calamities and thanksgivings and losses a church might… Continue reading Following on Mandela: how a small church can hold a vigil

Norwegian liturgical help for Sunday

This is late, and rather thin, but I thought some readers might like to know of that the Church of Norway has liturgical resources in English translation online. There are few distinctive prayers that might be useful to mark the Oslo killings, but the funeral service (PDF) might be helpful in identifying a biblical passage… Continue reading Norwegian liturgical help for Sunday

The shortest wedding service

A post-church, post-lunch interlude. Found this in a decades-old Unitarian ministers’ manual. Why would someone choose this service? Perhaps for a wedding in a hospital, at a sick-bed, or for a couple in mourning where the solemnization is otherwise unavoidable. Or by two who really do want the shortest service possible! Later. Left out a… Continue reading The shortest wedding service

Legally married

As some of you know, on August 21, Jonathan Padget and I legally married at home in the company of some local friends. He and I were married at church in 2003, but now that the District of Columbia marriage law encompasses same-sex couples we wanted to “complete” our marriage. (The liturgy follows.) The Rev.… Continue reading Legally married

Ethical man: the end

If the “year without toilet paper” didn’t gross out willing environmentalists, perhaps the idea of composting the dead  (link to Ethical Man blog) will. I don’t care if it takes a lot of energy — about a month’s worth for a living Westerner — to cremate a body, I will not be composted or even… Continue reading Ethical man: the end