Church of Sweden registered partnership rite

I think I could bear a few bishops if I were in Sweden (and spoke Swedish.) The Church of Sweden seems so keen in its international humanitarian mission. It willingly disestablished. They have a quite-nice modern language liturgy conveniently translated to English and — miracle of miracles! — have a preliminary rite for celebrating registered… Continue reading Church of Sweden registered partnership rite

Why worry? Go fake.

Philocrites wrote about a now-tabled resolution in the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts that would have asked clergy not to solemnize marriage, but only to go so far bless civil marriage. I hate this cut-nose-spite-face business, especially if there’s an underlying benefit of getting church-shopping brides and grooms off your back. Philo also knocks some big… Continue reading Why worry? Go fake.

Taking care of the dead

I found two resources to bookmark if you are in pastoral ministry or are taking care of someone who may soon die. Consumerist has an article today about taking care of the financial matters of the deceased. Not easy stuff, but better to be prepared. “HOWTO: Handle Closing Dead People’s Accounts” Navy member? I found… Continue reading Taking care of the dead

EPA page for burial at sea

Not everyone will need this. Perhaps quite few. But if you’re conducting a burial at sea — whether the remains are cremated or not — this a resource you should have. Burials at Sea (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Without the body: the catafalque

Ages ago, I said I would work on some ideas for remembering the dead when no physical remains could be found. This weekend seems a good time to pick that back up, and let’s begin with the catafalque.

Watch and learn: Arlington Cemetery documentary

I watched a 2004 National Geographic Special on PBS tonight: Arlington: Field of Honor (WGBH Boston page). It is obviously on as a lead-up to Memorial Day and follows a day of funerals at Arlington National Cemetery, and outlines its history. Chances are you can still watch it if you get PBS, and it is… Continue reading Watch and learn: Arlington Cemetery documentary

“Celebrating Life” best for bookshelf

One of the things that baffles me is how there is no UUA or UUMA commended special services (aka pastoral offices) book. Perhaps the seminary custom of compiling one makes it a risky proposition. In any case, one book has been invaluable with my non-church-going grandmother’s simple memorial and the wedding for the coolest couple… Continue reading “Celebrating Life” best for bookshelf

A calm unclouded ending, part 1: eulogy and prayer aid for the bereaved

Anyone, especially any Christian, who pastors churches or thinks they might be responsible for participating in a funeral would do well to bookmark or download (or both) the following two resources. The first is generally useful: a booklet from Co-operative Funeralcare (UK) called “Well Chosen Words.” This is a sensitive, well-written and brief guide to… Continue reading A calm unclouded ending, part 1: eulogy and prayer aid for the bereaved