More on Weddings

Philocrites writes about an article describing more personalized, non-traditional, and ultimately secular wedding (and other) services. These have been the bread and butter of a good number of Unitarian Universalist ministers, who have been specializing in “custom services” from the days of the Nehru jacket. And sometimes unconsciously with as much bad taste. I used… Continue reading More on Weddings

The Reagan funeral

I have mildly negative feelings about the Reagan presidency, and in contrast to the current administration, they get milder all the time. Following my mother’s “if you don’t have anything nice” dictum, I’ll stick to the funeral service, which was gently touching. I wouldn’t have been my choice, but it isn’t my funeral! (Didn’t the… Continue reading The Reagan funeral

Do note this baptism rite

Getting some more Universalist content online, and focusing on Universalist attitiudes towards baptism. My lastest addition includes two baptism rites with prayers. They aren’t fabulous, indeed the language is a bit overwrought. Still, someone might like them. See Remarks upon Baptism, with a Form for its Administration. from The Universalist Manual, or Book of Prayers… Continue reading Do note this baptism rite

Liturgical options when same sex marriage arrives

I’ve heard that a colleague in Massachusetts has wondered what kind of ceremony is proper (or indeed, necessary) for a couple married in that church, but outside the benefit of law, once marriage licences are issued same-sex couples. Golly: I wish I had that problem, but even though I don’t, might I offer an opinion?… Continue reading Liturgical options when same sex marriage arrives

Married, Universalist style

When I commented at my “Wedding in the Universalist Tradition” site [link down: 21 April 2005] that the 1839 Menzies Rayner service has “little to commend itself for use today” I was clearly mistaken. Ths evening, I will officiate the marriage of two church members with an abridgement of this rite, which you can read… Continue reading Married, Universalist style