Central East: more interim ministers needed than available

Submitted without comment. An unlikely circumstance, given the fact there are far more ministers in Unitarian Universalist Association fellowship than settlements. But there you are.

We are in an unprecedented situation with regards to the interim ministerial search this year, one that has not occurred in the recent history of Unitarian Universalism.  In the broadest description, the issue is that there are significantly more congregations this year looking for interim ministries than there are ministers available to fulfill those interim ministries.  Not Interim Ministers… ministers.

Source: Important Information about Interim Minister Searches This Year

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. I am mildly skeptical, given the glut of people out there. But there may be deeper dynamics going on than the gross number of ministers. Including a hesitancy to relocate, the growth in part-time compensation packages, and the high cost of living in much of the Central East.

  2. The article does go on to say this:

    There is also a growing trend of Unitarian Universalist Ministers feeling called to ministries outside of the congregational setting. Justice making efforts, non-profit organizations, chaplaincy, and even some business settings are drawing more and more Unitarian Universalist ministers into engagement with the wider world. While this is in many ways a beautiful and hopeful thing, it also means that fewer of the ministers of our liberal faith tradition are looking for congregational based ministries.

    Assuming the Central East Regional Group reporting is true, it doesn’t really matter if there are more UU ministers than pulpits when there are fewer UU ministers looking for parish ministry jobs.

  3. Along with salary, the other variable for ministers to consider is location. About a decade ago, our interim minister said to our congregation that a major challenge for us would be to find a settled minister who would want to relocate to our community.

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