Chinatown, Chinatown, Providence

I’ll try to make at least one blog entry per blog per day over the next week, but I am going to be out of town. Preaching at First Universalist Church, Providence on Sunday, and visiting friends. I hope to visit the church I joined (yes, I know how that sounds): The Eliot Church, South Natick, Massachusetts, too. (Being without a church home locally is another pressure to plant.)

I’m taking a string of buses, known as Chinatown buses, because is the cheapest way to get between here and New York, and between New York and Boston. (Then another bus or commuter rail to Providence.)

It isn’t a single company; indeed, there are five ethnic Chinese bus companies in Washington, and it is a cash-purchase and get-on-the-bus affair. I like long-distance bus travel, perverse as that is. (I took the bus to GA in Quebec City, for instance.) Should make for some good stories, and you can get steamed dumplings beforehand.

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