DC car-free to the beach

A gay, car-driving co-worker at Former Day Job knew that Hubby and I don’t own a car. When I mentioned last year that we wanted to go to the beach, he wondered if the Rehoboth Beach bus was still operating. No, it turns out, it wasn’t.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is a popular gay destination, but as we discovered when we finally did visit (by rented car) that like Dupont Circle and other allegedly gay ghettos, the population and services were far more mixed than is commonly described. So Rehoboth offers seaside kitch and full-on camp, fine dining and hot dogs. We really liked it (and Lewes, and Ocean City, Maryland, too, but all for different reasons.)

And this year, the bus is back and is brand new. Yes, it’s marketed to gay men. No, I don’t think we (they) will be the only ones on it. One trip weekly — or week-end-ly, really — and a decent value if you’re heading out alone or as a couple.

Rehobus [2009. www.rehobus.com is gone. A shame.]

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Rehobus! My husband and I started it with another couple (see bios on the web site) because we wanted to offer people an environmentally-friendly alternate way to and from the beach. And yes, even though we’re marketing it to the gay community, we’ve had a very diverse — and growing — ridership.

    For additional discounts on our regular priced tickets, please tell your friends to use our June discount code, “rehobuspride,” in honor of Pride Month. Questions about the ‘bus? Feel free to go to http://www.rehobus.com or send me an email: david@rehobus.com

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