“Death of a Teacher”

Our Father in Heaven, – unto whom can we go, – in the hour of trial and sorrow – but unto Thee? In Thee alone are hope and peace; – in Thee alone are strength and salvation. Thou hast taken away one of our number – Thou hast called one of the faithful among us – from her [his] earthly labors; – and we shall see her [his] face – and hear her [his] voice – no more on earth. By a realization of gospel truth – may our sorrows be turned into joy, – and our lamentations into praise of thee, – Let not our will, O God – but Thine be done. Be this the prayer of our hearts – as well as of our lips. May we trust in Thee, – and yield to Thee in all things. – O, make us – and yeild us to Thee in all things. – O, make us reconciled to this bereavement – to thisgreat loss. Come Thou and be near us – and help us in the great work – from which Thou hast taken a faithful laborer. In Thy strength we stand; – directed by Thy wisdom – we can go forward; – but Thou alone canst help us. Let not these voices of life and death – fall on our ears alone. Let them be heard in our hearts. May they teach us to trust Thee at all times. And so shall we not fear to part with friends, – when Thou shalt call them away. And grant, O God – that we may have that faith in Thy dear Son – which takes the sting from death, – and from the grave its fear. Father in Heaven be with us. Still every doubt, – hush every sigh, – fill every heart with peace. And whether our friends stay with us – or go to dwell with Thee – may our faith in Thee be firm and sure. Bless the kindred friends of the departes; – may Christian faith – and Christian hope, – give them richest consolation. Prepare us all to live; – that we may be prepared to die. – Be with the class now left without a teacher; – may they remember the instruction they have recieved – and may one soon be found – to fill the place which the departed occupied. Bless us all, – and finally save us – through Christ our Lord – Amen.

  • In “Special Service: Death of a Teacher” in The Manual and Harp, for the Use of Sunday Schools by L. J. Fletcher (N. E. Universalist Publishing House, 1866), p. 247-48. [Note: the hyphens appeared as em-dashes, which do not print in this blogging software.]

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