Deep-fried exegesis

Following up on S.’s (Across, Beyond, Through; what should I call you in the third person?) comment at “The Kingdom of God is like . . . “

Well, to tell the truth, Jonathan and I might say a cattle-and-doughnut senario is “according to prophesy” more than it “belonging to the kingdom of God,” but the point is about the same. See Isaiah 11:7a: “The cow and the bear shall graze, their young shall lie down together.” The bear is a reference to the mascot of Brown University, which campus this Dunkin’ Donuts was on the edge of. (I was in Providence to preach at First Universalist.) A doughnut certainly constitutes a “fat thing” the prophets were always going on about.

By the way, in my ideal church, the infants group will be known as the “Calf and Cub Club” in reference to this passage, which is quite dear to me.

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