Don’t look for me yonder ’cause I’m not there

Some people know and some people don’t but now it is public, official, and done. I resigned under pressure from the pastorate of Universalist National Memorial Church membership to follow last Thursday and we had a congregational meeting process this afternoon.

To recap: some people (myself included) think it was a mistake, and others (the Board included) think it was just the thing to turn the church around. Time will tell, but for those who know know some of the backstory, I can honestly say I’ve shed my last tear over it. God knows it took long enough (and yet it seemed very fast) to accomplish. (In case you were wondering where I was last month.)

Time moves on, and realistically, I’m on my way towards the United Church of Christ. I hate the thought of leaving everything I’ve known professionally and vocationally, but there are some ecumencial, theological, and ecclesiastic realities at play. For one, my partner and I are not leaving the area. The second is that, even if we did, it probably wouldn’t help.

But that’s another matter. The point for this blog entry is so if you go calling for me at UNMC, I won’t answer the door, ’cause I won’t be there.

(My sermons and online writings will be here, in time, instead.)


  1. Wow Scott,
    I’m not sure how to respond. I can only wish you peace on your journey and blessings as you move on. From the sound of this post, this must have been draining and so I also wish you a sense of release and freedom.

    Does this mean we all have to take you off our UU bloggers lists? Or can we, as we so often do, claim you as “ours” anyway? (just kidding, everyone–)

  2. No, I’m here, and in ministerial fellowship for the forseeable future, and when I transfer my membership it will be to a church with dual membership in the UUA and UCC. Though a tittering quip, these rather important matters are worth mentioning and remembering.

  3. While I am sad to know you are leaving something that’s meant so much to you for so long, I know that you will find a way to make this a wonderful stepping out point for something bigger and better. All that stuff about closed doors and open windows, right? Be sure to drop a line if/when you have a new mailing address as well.

  4. Perhaps this is a slightly-delayed beginning to a life that will fit both of you very well. This time in Washington originated from a Scott Alone point. You now have an opportunity to seek a niche that has room for Scott United, as it were, for the way you have grown.

    My ear, fridge, and guest room are always at your disposal, sweetie.

  5. Glad you’re going to keep your fellowship with us. I hope, when and if it feels right to do so, you’ll let us know what you’ve learned along this difficult way…

  6. Scott, I’m sorry to hear this and wish you well in your future ministry. I sent you an email on something else entirely before reading this since I try to only read blogs once or twice a week.

  7. Scott – My heart goes out to you and I will mourn what has been lost through the things that have happened these last two years. Despite all this, I hope to worship with you again soon and have missed our time together.

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