Easter in Gloria Patri

Almighty God, our Heavenly Father! by whose power thine only begotten Son hath overcome death and opened unto us the gates of everlasting life, perfect within us the work thou hast begun, and while we are permitted to say, “Lord, I believe,” may our faith enable us to rest in thy promises, and even now to enjoy thy salvation. Through power given to us in Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, may we rise above the temptations and sinful lusts of this mortal life, and in the hope of immortality, pass on toward the dark valley with unfaltering steps, seeing before us the shining footprints of our risen Lord. May this day be sanctified to our growth in Christian life. More than ever before may we think of Jesus, and in his glorious resurrection may we all have part, according to his gracious promise that he will draw all men unto him. Glory be to thy holy name forevermore. Amen.

  • Invocation for Easter Sunday in Gloria Patri (Universalist Publishing House, 1882), p. 166. [Though listed as an invocation, the form is more akin to the collect for the day, and is categorized accordingly.]
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