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Jesus wept!

I’d like to be one of the many (I hope) Christian bloggers that completely repudiates the rhetoric and theology Pat Robertson inflicts on us. He has made a fool of himself by applying an admonition from Joel to Rabin’s assassination and Sharon’s stroke.
Does that Yigal Amir (Rabin’s killer) an agent of God? His implausibly aww-shucks “I was just saying” mode of plausible denial insults our intelligence and shames Christ’s church. Who does he think he is?
Not that my usual readers would confuse me for a Robertson supporter, but if he’s going to indulge in nasty little dicta, then other Christians need to be plain about their oppostion.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. Richard Land from the Southern Baptists was just on the radio denouncing Robertson. Do include all the Islamic leaders talking like this too about Sharon here too.

    Oddly, this kind of it’s “God’s divine punishment” or the closely related “it’s part of God’s plan” is prevelant among many Christians. Common sense kind of keeps it from popping out but you do hear it from many people at different moments.

    Sometimes its the converse, if something bad’s happened, God’s been incredibly unjust, and its a loss of faith in God; but either way it’s God directly metting out justice, wisely or not.

    Robertson’s out to sell books mostly. Land, on the Radio this AM, and the best response against him I thought.

  2. I had the passing thought this morning that it gets tougher every day to be Christian because of who is representing out there. I wonder sometimes if I dropped out all together if God would hold it against me.

  3. &*^%it!!! I KNEW that Robertson was going to flap his stupid sammy about Sharon. I just KNEW it. I was listening for it. May flaming hemmorhoids disturb his sleep.

  4. I’m not sure what Robertson is practicing, but I’m increasingly convinced that it isn’t Christianity (and I say this on the grounds of considering both the Beatitudes of Christ, and what are the fruits of the Spirit according to St. Paul). What greater false prophet could the Church have against it, than one who is a wolf (or perhaps a rabid dog) in sheep’s clothing.


  5. I’m with Tim Sean on this… these self-declared spokespeople for Christianity make it harder to be a Christian. I also agree with Derek regarding the false prophet comment. And yes, there are Islamic and Jewish thinkers also saying similar things about God’s intervention.

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