Funding to force the “fierce advocate”

The President claims he’s a “fierce advocate” for The Gays. Uh, sure. There has been too little action from the White House over LGBT issues — except for the much-discussed DOJ brief that seems like it was airlifted out of the last Administration.

I’m not keen to wait. American history shows that those who wait die ignored, and often bitter. I’d rather fight.

I’ve heard some say that the President is implicitly forcing the LGBT community (to do list: come up with better name) to force him into action. It galls me, but that’s how the game is played.

So —

  • No money for Democrats. I’m talking to you straight allies. No money. And say why. I mean it. This is the time in the process that straight liberals tend to get weak knees. Don’t cave.
  • Give money instead to LGBT 501(c)(4) organizations. They’re the ones who can engage in grassroots activism more effectively. Lobbying rules inhibit 501(c)(3) charities, and the (c)(4)s — because donations to them are not tax-deductible — have a harder time raising funds.
  • Let’s not expend (too much) political capital on DADT. An unpopular though, perhaps, but that’s something the Administration should be able to do on its own because it has broad popular and increasing military support. Repealing DOMA and LGBT immigration reform is a harder sell.

I made a small donation to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund, the (c)(4) twin to the (c)(3) National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and would like you to give money, too.

And then be prepared to call, email and fax your members of Congress and the White House.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. Obama’s claim of Ill State Senator Meeks as one of his three Spiritual mentors should have been a tip off. Meeks is rabidly anti homosexual with a Halloween haunted house each year at his mega-Church featuring kids portraying Gays burning in hell. This was all simply ignored by way too many people during the election.

    Last night Rachel Madow said Obama’s taken Democrats to the right of Dick Cheney on Gay issues. She’s right except Obama and Cheney had both staked out those positions long ago. It’s just no one bothered to listen to either of them.

    So now we’ve got this group of Chicagoans in Washington… and the wheels are going to come off Obama’s Liberalism with a vengence sooner rather than later.

    I once argued on another blog that I thought Evangelical Christians often more favorable towards Gays, than the local Regular Democratic Organization Democrats local Gay activists were promoting. This brought all sorts condemnation on me save one comment from a gay who wrote, there are those against us, and those against those against use; but very few for us.

    Wait for Blagojevich’s trial to start next year and the 400 hours of intercepted calls to start playing (Blagojevich’s defense team has them all now). The world will hear for themselves who Chicago Democrats were really for….

  2. Yes, the fierce advocate of the campaign trail has become the political hack in victory. “It’s not like the gays are going to vote Republican, after all,” the advisors say behind closed doors.

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