GA 2007: What was the big news?

OK, one more thing. Or perhaps more if I think of something.

The UU Enforcer mentioned before General Assembly that there was going to be some big news from Bill Sinkford, UUA president, on Saturday.

What was it? That part of plenary I didn’t catch evidently.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. I’m thinking it was that Sinkford rolled out a massive fundraising campaign for growing the denomination.

    I usually don’t like the ads the UUA puts together to advertise us, but aside from that on the whole I found I hated the announcement a lot less than I had expected to.


  2. Did it include a plan for how to actually grow the denomination, as opposed to just how to raise the money? That’s news I’d be interested in hearing.

  3. I saw a reference to the new campaign and was afraid that was the big new thing.

    Oh, another opportunity to give! Does a committee assignment come with that? Or fries?

    Well, we live in hope.

  4. I was sent an e-mail advertisement for the new growth fund raising campaign. But it all felt very vague to me. Growth was invoked, but there were no specifics about what this growth meant, nor any specifics about what I would be giving to. Salaries for 17 extension ministers? A million dollars in new church planting grants? Some kind of program that will grow churches with 50 members into churches with 100 members? I still don’t know. I replied to the contact person listed on the ad, and so far have gotten no response.

  5. Scott, it might have been the “news” about de-funding the seminaries?
    Speaking of seminaries, seems like there was some talk re: M/L after its breakfast meeting but others might be able to fill that in who were there; mine is second-hand and I expect worries about the future and UU students at seminaries other than M/L and things like the MFC, etc. in the future are mostly reactions based on unwarranted fears, but then I wasn’t there. There is just an undercurrent running through things in this area and in the affiliates area and other places that seems to want to brand and focus UU identity in a way that others feel excluded and that prompts reactions. But putting in what I heard news-wise at GA.

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