GA coverage annoyance

OK, I’m officially annoyed that not a single Christian event at GA has been covered on the UUA website. I didn’t expect they’d all be covered, or even that all that would be eventually covered would be done by now.

But none? And if it is none now, we (the reading public) can’t expect many will be reported on later.


  1. I’m not working web staff this year (although I’m slowly putting up some GA reactions and personal reports on my brand new livejournal.)

    However if you look at the pages of what is scheduled for coverage on the UUA web like this one:

    I see at least two events scheduled:

    2012 The Great Commission is for UU Christians, Too

    4075 UU Christian Fellowship Communion Service: “Giving It Up For God”

    From previous experience what didn’t get up by Tuesday morning at 10am when they come take away the computers in the onsite room takes one to two weeks to get up.

    When I did reporting most people had trailing reports, which you were supposed to get in within a week and it took a day or so to get them edited and posted. So I wouldn’t give up yet.

  2. At least the UU Christian workshops were listed in the news coverage on the UUA web site.

    There were some workshop topics that were buried in the GA schedule but not listed on the news pages.

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