General Assembly programming so-so

Last night, in my own parallel General Assembly experience, I finally got down to reading the program. I’ll miss tonight’s Service of the Living Tradition, and I would want to attend the usual Chrisian stuff, and some of the Commission on Appraisal activity seems worthwhile.

But I’ve “done” the SLT many times, know all the “usual Christians” and the CoA is still taking input. I suppose it is for the best that I’ve missed this GA.

On the other hand, the measure of friendship is getting a call from a close friend saying “I wish you were here.” To see her and the rest of the gang, well, I wish I was there, too.

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  1. Well, there is Real Video of the SLT, the Friday morning worship and the service this morning, as well as other stuff up. Not quite like being here though.

    I have two entries in my brand new LiveJournal . . .

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