Gospel Liturgy’s Monday morning

God over all, blessed for ever: We praise Thee for the refreshment of repose, and forthe morning list which calls us anew into the activities of the world. We bless Thee also for the joy of hope; yet we would soberly consider the appointed means of happiness, and be fitted for the enjoyment of life by preparation for its duties.

Enable us, O Lord, in all things to exemplify the principles of our holy religion. Save us from being cast down by evil reports of erring men, or elated by the flattery of human applause, or misled by the fashion of the world, or in any way ensnared to follow the multitude in doing evil.

May we continually be found in the path of righteousness: our lips without guilde, our mouth filled with Thy praise, our hands diligent in business, our feet ready to run on errands of mercy.

Thy going forth, O Lord, is prepared as the morning. May Nem>we go forth unto our work and to our labor until the evening, following on to know Thee. And as Thou takes pleasure in the prosperity of Thy people, may we be prospered in taking pleasure in Thee.

¶ All unite in the Lord’s Prayer. ¶ Scripture lesson. ¶ One of the Prayers on pages 60-62.

  • Gospel Liturgy, p. 142-3.

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