Gospel Liturgy’s Thursday morning

With glory to Thee, O Lord, very morning should begin, and every evening should close. What have we that is not Thine! Alas that a world so full of Thy mercies, should be so empty of Thy praise!

Lord, increase our faith, strengthen our hope, and enlarge our charity.

Teach us to watch over our ways, that temptation may never be able to suprise us; and do Thou so keep us in Thy fear and love, that sin may never obtain the dominion over us.

May no prospect of worldly advantage, not any dread of worldly loss, ever lead us to swerve from Thy commandments; and whatever be Thy will, with respect to the good things of this life, be pleased to put gladness in our hearts, through a living trust in Thy holy word.

¶ All unite in the Lord’s Prayer. ¶ Scripture lesson. ¶ One of the prayers on pages 60-62.

  • Gospel Liturgy, p. 144.

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