Happy 201 Demosthenian

I’m rather bummed that I’ll miss the All Night Meeting: the anniversary meeting and alumni homecoming of that odd-and-wonderful institution, Demosthenian Literary Society. Yes, I’ll refer to it as “that debating society in college” but it is much, much more. At the very least, it is the South’s oldest student organization. But that’s not why I recall it, right “officers, Demosthenians, and guests”?

So, to celebrate, I’m going to post pictures of all the Demosthenians who blog – Terrance, Katharine, Joan, Kelley, Hope, am I missing anyone? – when we were all firmer and more supple. Kidding! (But don’t dare me.)

For the rest of you, look at an homage from last year’s bicentennial: “To Improve the Mind is Commendable” Two Hundred Years of the Demosthenian Literary Society

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