Housekeeping: Preferred stats tracking

A request for advice, my dear readers: I’m independently hosted, and don’t have user-friendly stats tracking. Philocrites and ABT [2009-08-13. defunct blog; see Ministrare] mentioned their unique visitors at the end of last month, and now I want to play.

Recommended services?


  1. My host provides some statistics, but counts visits to “” and “” separately. AddFreeStats provides more detail than I actually know what to do with, but allows me to see where people are visiting from. (This is extremely useful.) I just added SiteMeter because its free service allows me not to count my own visits to the site (in the service of deflation, you know).

  2. My host provides fairly robust reporting, much more than I know what to do with. The most entertaining being search strings that have resulted in a hit to my site. My favorite so far has been “meditation instead of sleep”. Sorry, I don’t know anything about Site Meter.

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