I love a parade!

Hubby and I went and saw the local gay pride parade in Dupont Circle last night. I was quite long (we arrived at 6:30, the opening police retenue arrived before 7:00, and it didn’t end until 8:45) but the weather was cool and dry.

Marriage equality wasn’t highly played up, but the elimination of the current administration was, as was the vile “no marriage, no private arrangements either” Virginian “Marriage Affirmative Action Act” (what crap!) featured at the www.virginiaisforhaters.org site (which is down at the moment).

Now, a few more home truths gathered last night.

  • Among gay men, Miss Clarol Canary Yellow and Goldenrod seem to be top sellers.
  • You know you’re in the right town when the Mayor, and more than half of the city council (including two Republicans) are a proud and conspicuous parts fo the parade.
  • The only way you can tell the “affirming” Presbyterian clergy and the local Bear Club apart is that the former have the ugly habit of wearing Guatemalan-made stoles over street clothes. (Indeed, the religious groups are always the least impressive. Kudos though, to the minister of the local MCC church for riding on a brighlty colored, cute scooter)
  • As long as gay men take to the streets, C&C Music Factory will get royalty checks.
  • Female impersonation can be a wonderful thing, but if you’re going to wear Daisy Dukes, spring for the love-handle lipo first.
  • If go-go boys are to be seen in public, ensure that the clear light of day doesn’t touch them. Kinda gruesome otherwise.

Link: Capital Pride

Also, An editorial on the Virginia law by Jonathan Rauch in today’s Washington Post

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