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Watch and Pray (Derek Parker) talks about church extension. I’ve been looking over the snippets of notes about a hypothetical church start, and helpful resources great and small that come from a few years of well, note taking. (Call it my mental hobby before blogging, and some are good for established churches, too.) Call this and other entries with the same title (numbered in series) links to helpful resources.

  • Open source LINUX programs for church administration. Healyourchurchwebsite.com outlines some that I would like to see in action. Article: “But if I move to Linux, what happens to all my sermons in Word?”
  • Printery House notecards. Inexpensive, none-too-flashy, made by monks, and can be custom imprinted. A good option for the quick pastoral note. I use them. Printery House notecards
  • Lee-style portable field altar. Used by the Armed Forces, I would love to know how a church-on-the-move could (legally) acquire such a useful item. The altar itself looks like a tall version of the aluminum folding tables our church has several of. Field Items. (dead link) (scroll half way down, though the page has several interesting items. Perhaps something from Southern Aluminum would do. (I’m guessing 30″x72″ with adjustable “H” legs would be useful for a new start.) 2006 November 18. Here’s a new link for the dead one above.
  • 2009 August 15. Now that link’s dead. This shows what a Lee field altar looks like.

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