If I was planting . . . . II

If I was planting a church, or rather, encouraging a culture of church planting in the UUA, I would encourage a gander at those smallish and medium-sized denominations that have a passion about extending the Gospel through new congregations. From there, we should take notes about their attitude, even more than their practices.

Like these:

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  1. Scott – An excellent set of references to groups where evangelism is part of the culture. Church extension is part of an attitude. It is a value that says “my faith is worth sharing, instead of selfishly keeping to all to myself.” At times I think we want to move in that direction, but are not yet comfortable with what that attitude might mean. What it would mean is more about faith sharing, and less about faith franchising. The later is more popular in some parts of the UUA, and not as compelling for people’s spiritual development.

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