If I was planting . . . VII

Well, call it official. I’m launching an exploratory effort before running for President of the United States starting, as Anna well put: I have these fantasies some days about . . . starting up a progressive christian fellowship. That article made me think maybe I’m not wierd, maybe I’m just all postmodern, being Gen X and all.

Well, I know I’m weird, but perhaps that’s just the postmodernist speaking. Unlike her, in the part I clipped, a country church isn’t an option: I’ll be inside the Beltway.

Now, to prepare: how will I make a living, apart from a ministry? what will be the shape of this church’s mission? its primary consituency? how would it run? in what ways will it be recognizable to others within the UUA, and which ways not? what kind of relationship would I want this church to have to the UUA and ecumenically?

These are a few of the dozens of questions that I’ll need to get my head around in fairly short order.

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  1. Ooo…fun! I want to play too. Wish I was closer to DC. But, regarding your questions, in my fantasy, I’m bivocational, either teaching college or being a social worker part time in addition to my ministry. Our mission is balanced between an external practice of the love Jesus demonstrated through social action and an internal spiritual journey. It’s like a practicum in that we go out and practice what we preach and bring that practice back and discuss it so it can affect what we preach. Mine is progressive in theology but high commitment. Membership is a very serious undertaking and involves pledging to do all of the above and live a certain way in keeping with the teachings of Jesus. It is open to any theological perspective as long as the fruits are the commitments mentioned above. I don’t know if anyone will come but me and my mom and my husband if I drag him. But I’m thinking disillusioned mainline Christians who want high-commitment without fundamentalism in theology. It would act out the principles and purposes, so the UUA would be a possible denomination, but I’m thinking non-denominational might be best. There’s lots of material out there to support a congregation, and the financial aspect of being part of the UUA might take money away from our social action. But without a denomination, how do you get ordained so you can do weddings etc.? I haven’t worked that out yet. This is how mine would work, but yours could be completely different. I tend to think of a house church model but with some high church rituals and better music.


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